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24 Hour Musical

We were asked by The Poly, Falmouth, if we would be interested in delivering an original community musical as a fundraiser for the building, using performers from the community over the 2013 Easter weekend. Having had some experience of delivering a 24 Hour Musical, it was decided that we audition on the Saturday morning, rehearse from Saturday afternoon and perform the show at 8.00pm on the Sunday evening.


A script was written by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards, we sourced a choreographer, musical director and set to publicising the auditions for CruciFICTION. The cast consisted of fifty performers from the community as well as a live band, was directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards, and provided an opportunity for community performers to work with a blend of professional and amateur cast and crew, and play to a capacity crowd at The Poly.


The event raised £1000 for The Poly, was well received by the crows and afforded performance opportunities to all local people who wanted to participate in the show.




“Wonderful. Thank you.” – The Poly


“One of the best weekends ever.” – Performer


“Thanks for letting me completely throw myself into it.” – Performer


“Enjoyed every second” – Audience member


“Really enjoyed the show. Well done to the cast, very impressed.” – Audience member

24 Hour Musical Image