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'Keep It All In' was Near-ta Theatre's second show, written by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards.


Paul is a happy chap, and why wouldn't he be? He's got a lovely wife, great career prospects, a beautiful neighbourhood and two manipulative friends, James and Amy, who only want what's best for themselves and will do anything in their power to secure it.


But following a bet between James and Amy over whether Paul will "crack", his life takes a turn for the worse and crumbles around him, but how will he end up? 'Keep It All In' was a black comedy, featuring many lovable characters played by a cast of six actors and had one of the tightest pairs of trousers in theatre history.

Keep It All In



Ciaran Clarke

Harriet Gendall

Daniel Richards

Maisie Utting

Peter Twose

Lewis Howard




Written and directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards

Costume and Set - Sophie Canale

Recording - Russell Clarke

Graphic Design - Harriet Gendall




Guitars - Ciaran Clarke and David Howard

Bass - Ewen Farr, Ciaran Clarke and David Howard

Drums - Lewis Howard

Memphis Horn Section - Ciaran Clarke

Piano - Alice Cooper