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Pendennis Ghost Walks

In October 2010 we were approached by English Heritage to write and deliver original ghost walks for their Hallowe’en events programme. The tours needed to last 40 minutes, and take audience members across the site, telling ghostly tales from the castle’s history in a new and exciting way.


To write the tours, we were required to work closely with English Heritage site staff to research stories and the history of the site, before looking at how we could use the architecture and features of the castle buildings and grounds to create a piece that was inherently theatrical. The script was researched and written over October by Ciaran Clarke and performed over four days by Ciaran Clarke, Ruby Utting, Hannah Stephens, Georgia Gendall and Ciaran Clarke.


The tours were led by WWI veterans Myrtle and Barnabas, and saw us taking visitors to areas that are typically off-limits to the public, telling stories and using performers and live music by Seamas Carey across the journey around the site. Of course, the hardest part was persuading the ghosts to get involved with the project…




“A huge success” – English Heritage


“Brilliant. Scary, funny and original.” – Audience member


“An excellent night out!” – Audience member